A home construction project need not be overwhelming for you and your family. Graham Builders, Hawaii’s leader in residential design and construction, offers these tips for homeowners who are considering a remodel, addition or rebuild.

 Tip 1: Realistic goals. 

 Set realistic goals.

“Avoid turning your home into something it was never meant to be,” says Evan Fujimoto, president of Graham Builders. “When remodeling a 1950s single-wall home, focus on updating the look working with the existing palette of finishes…don’t attempt to completely transform it into a post-modern concrete, glass and steel dwelling.”

Tip 2: Begin with the essentials. 

 Focus on functionality.

Focus on functionality, durability, and what will make your life easier. A basic design program will clearly articulate all the things you’d like your renovation to be. “This is an essential tool that allows all stakeholders understand the goals,” says Fujimoto.

Tip 3: Weigh cost versus value. 

“Fix the delayed maintenance issues first and then focus on functional improvements,” Fujimoto recommends. “In other words, take care of a leaky roof or shifting foundations before you devote a lot of money into a bathroom and kitchen remodel.”

 Tip 4: Educate yourself.     

 Attend Graham Builders’ free “Building Your Home for Life” seminar.

Residential construction may seem convoluted and overwhelming for many homeowners. It is vital to understand how such an undertaking can impact your family’s routines and lifestyle. Graham Builders offers a free seminar that covers the essential guidelines for a successful, safe home construction project.

 Tip 5: Work with experts to determine what you can afford. 

Find out how much you can afford to invest in your project before visiting contractors. “Consider your total monthly payment to determine if this is an affordable or feasible project,” suggests Fujimoto. “A good mortgage broker can help you responsibly manage your assets and funds.”

 Tip 6: Expect the unexpected. 

“Don’t fool yourself into thinking nothing can go wrong and it’ll be a seamless and painless process,” Fujimoto advises. “There are always challenges in construction. Sometimes it takes just as long to plan and design a renovation as it does to actually carry out the work – and that’s OK!”

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Graham Builders remains the only contractor in Hawaii honored by the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Business Ethics. You are invited to register for Graham Builders Saturday, November 7 FREE “Building Your Home for Life” seminar at grahambuilders.com/seminar or call 593-2808.