Who doesn’t feel protective about their home?

For most, one’s home is a private sanctuary — a sacred retreat where families rejuvenate and recharge. When a home needs to be renovated to meet the growing and new needs of a family or be newly constructed to bring a dream to life, it’s time to find a design-and-build firm that’s competent, creative and communicative — not to mention trustworthy and transparent.

Finding that perfect partner is as unnerving as being home alone in the middle of the night and opening the front door to a stranger who knocks.

Each year, the Regulated Industries Complaint Office (RICO) receives hundreds of complaints against residential contractors. Equally alarming is the fact that most homeowners who embark on home construction projects spend less time researching how to successfully complete their remodel or rebuild than they spend on their cell phone in one day.

Graham Builders’ monthly seminars have become a lighthouse for so many who are wishing to age in place, accommodate children and grandchildren, or simply rejuvenate their sanctuary’s spaces. Skeptics who expect a pitch-perfect hard sell are pleasantly surprised that this seminar feels nothing like they thought. In fact, this hub for the curious and serious home enthusiasts leaves attendees enlightened and empowered because the seminar has a singular purpose — to set homeowners up for success as the CEO of their new venture by offering tips, tools and insights.

Graham Builders’ Building Your Home for Life seminar covers the important aspects of home construction projects including common myths, pitfalls to avoid that can lead to inferior work and an abandoned project, how to select a builder, ways to stay within budget, design tips and more.

The free, two-hour event features design and build experts, finance gurus and more who collectively share more than 100 years of local experience in this area.

“Your connection to your builder will extend past the building phase,” says Ryan Graham, vice president of operations. “If you despise him, you won’t want him to do your warranty work. You want a builder who you can call 12 years later when you need to know the name of a painter for your home.”

For more than three decades, Graham Builders has been helping Hawaii families make the most of their island homes at every stage of life. Founded in 1990, the Honolulu design-build firm remains the only contractor in Hawaii honored by the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Business Ethics. Its free Building Your Home for Life seminar will take place on Saturday, Jan. 22. Register now at grahambuilders.com/seminar or call 808-593-2808.