Couple Renovates, Updates and Adds Aging-in-Place Features

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It was wonderful working with Graham Builders!

This couple are both in their mid-60s and had lived in their home for 31 years before deciding a big kitchen and bath renovation. They wanted to update their home while adding aging-in-place features.

“It was wonderful working with Graham Builders,” said the homeowner. “Each step of the process went smoothly and they were very clear in exactly what I wanted done. We had several meetings during the design process and revisions were made whenever needed.”

The couple wanted to renovate, update and add aging-in-place features in the kitchen and bathrooms. They also wanted to open up and connect the kitchen and dining room, all while modernizing the look and feel of the interior living space.

Starting with the hallway bathroom, Graham Builders installed a new tub and shower with solid surface surrounds, a new vanity cabinet and a countertop with an integrated sink. In the master bathroom, a curb-less shower for an easy, zero-step entry replaced the old tub and shower. Grab bars were installed, along with an adjustable showerhead for showering while sitting or standing. Using part of the hallway closet, the company enlarged the shower by four feet, adding a vanity cabinet with an integrated sink to complete the design.

The brunt of the renovation occurred in the kitchen, where crews removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room to open up and streamline the space. Graham Builders installed cabinets rising to the ceiling and pullout trays in all lower cabinets and cupboards so the homeowners would not have to kneel to reach way in the back of the cabinet.

A new island in the existing dining area and an extended countertop provides additional prep space. The new pantry also features pullout trays for easier access. In addition, the company removed a sliding glass door and replaced it with jalousie windows.

“For years I’ve wanted to change our glass sliding door to windows because every time it rained, I’d have to close the door and cut off the ventilation,” she explained. “Now with the jalousie windows, when it rains, I just have to close the lower bank of jalousies.”

For the couple, the modern finishes and aging-in-place design features have made life at home much better. “We don’t have to go down on hands and knees to get pots and pans from the bottom shelf. I don’t have to worry about getting in and out of a tub-shower in the master bath. And my husband and I sit at our island to have our meals and read our mail, even though another contractor said I couldn’t have an island,” said Charlene.

“It was a great experience working with all the top-notch employees at Graham Builders,” she said. “I would recommend them to a friend so that they could have the same great experience as we did.”

With nearly three decades of designing and building homes for local families, Graham Builders recognizes the importance of designing homes that make elder care simple and safe. Building and renovating so grandma can live with the family can be tricky. Many homes that are more than 50 years old cannot handle an aging population dependent on wheelchairs, walkers and oxygen tanks.

Graham Builders was the first firm in Hawaii to have a certified National Association of Home Builders Aging-in-Place specialist on staff. Over the years, Graham Builders has grown this number to three certified consultants who help homeowners make necessary mobility and safety changes to their residences.

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Photos by Hawkin Biggins Photography.

Project Details

DATE September 2017


PROJECT TYPE Residential Renovation

CONTRACTOR Graham Builders, Inc.

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