1977 home was due for an update

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It’s a Show Stopper!

This client purchased a brand new home in 1977 when houses were replacing pineapple and sugar cane fields in central Oahu. They loved their 40+-year old home but it was showing signs of its age. Peeling kitchen cabinets, warping floors, difficult-to-clean shutter doors and crumbling popcorn ceilings were some of the indicators that the home they adored needed attention. The family decided that it was time to modernize their residence.

The couple worked closely with their Graham Builders’ design team and shared their priorities and visions. Their designer, coordinator and estimator helped the couple to value engineer their project so they were able to attain what they wanted within a comfortable budget.

Graham Builders partially removed a wall between the living and dining rooms, creating a great room with increased light and flow. An overhaul of the kitchen resulted in a larger, brighter inviting kitchen that allows the owners to interact with their guests while cooking. A new massive counter will easily accommodate the largest island-style potluck buffet and the fresh large pantry will store those monthly CostCo runs.

“We are very pleased with the final outcome of our house,” says the homeowner. “Before and after…WOW! It’s a show stopper!”

Other homeowner renovation favorites include crown moldings installed after the popcorn ceiling was removed and stunning bathrooms with large mirrors and barn-style shower doors.

With nearly three decades of designing and building homes for local families, Graham Builders recognizes the importance of designing homes that make elder care simple and safe. Building and renovating so grandma can live with the family can be tricky. Many homes that are more than 50 years old cannot handle an aging population dependent on wheelchairs, walkers and oxygen tanks.

Graham Builders was the first firm in Hawaii to have a certified National Association of Home Builders Aging-in-Place specialist on staff. Over the years, Graham Builders has grown this number to three certified consultants who help homeowners make necessary mobility and safety changes to their residences.

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Photos by Hawkin Biggins Photography.

Project Details

DATE May 2018


PROJECT TYPE Residential Renovation
Aging in Place

CONTRACTOR Graham Builders, Inc.

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