Oahu is building! The sounds of banging hammers and whirling saws fill neighborhoods throughout the island. It is no surprise: Hawaii’s median single-family home price is soaring toward $800,000. Many homeowners are staying put and inviting their adult children to live with them. Extra bodies mean it’s time to expand the house.

Yet how does one find a trustworthy builder who can get the construction project completed successfully? Here are four tips shared by local design+build contractor Graham Builders, a firm that has guided hundreds of satisfied homeowners through successful projects for nearly three decades. These pointers will help you avoid pitfalls that can lead to a nightmare project.

Tip No. 1: Do your homework. Check each company with the Hawaii State Consumer Resource Center, Better Business Bureau and the Building Industry Association of Hawaii. Look for proof that the builder is licensed, experienced and has a reputation for good work.

Tip No. 2: Visit the contractor’s place of business. Ask to see photos of their recent projects and a sample of their written warranty. A printed warranty is vital with custom homes because it allows the homeowner time to identify issues that need adjustment.

Tip No. 3: Check to see that the construction contract offers you a performance and payment bond, a legal assurance that not all contractors can obtain. Performance and payment bonds are a prerequisite for most lenders. A bond could be the difference between a successful or failed project.

Tip No. 4: Work directly with the design and project management staff throughout the project. Open communication and collaboration is essential for success. Designing your home with those who will transcribe your ideas into an affordable plan means that you will be able to move into a home that captures your goals and visions.

Homeowners interested in gaining more tips on how to ensure a successful home construction project are invited to Graham Builders’ upcoming “Building Your Home for Life” seminar on Saturday, Aug. 4, 9-11 a.m. at Honolulu Country Club. Seminars are free and reservations are required. To register, visit grahambuilders. com or call 593-2808.

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