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Looking for guidance from a reputable source? Get your questions answered by Graham Builders, the only local contractor to be awarded the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Small Business Ethics. Schedule a meeting and one of our experienced professionals will guide you to success with information specific to your needs. Meetings are held in our office or by tele-conferencing. Please allow us one business day to confirm your appointment.

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Eric I.

“We wanted to build out from our current house but had no clue how to do it. We ended up going to Graham Builder’s free informational seminar where they walked us through the whole process including financing and what to look for when choosing a builder. The presentation was very professional and very easy to understand. The best part? We never felt any sales pressure.”

Keoni V.

“We recently attended their seminar and found it to be incredibly educational and informative. Gave great guidance. Not sales pushy at all. It was very worthwhile time spent.”

Jennifer P

“As we got ready for a major renovation, we wanted to see what was out there so we visited quite a few seminars. Graham’s seminar covered all the major points, and we had a chance to get to know everyone on the Graham Builders’ team.”

Jacque V

“Went to their educational seminar and it was excellent. Time well spent! Great guidance on what to look for in a contractor and pitfalls to avoid.”