Combination Offers Couple Options

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Home provides couple a residence for living in place

The homeowners of this property decided that it was time to rebuild their 60-year old home. It did not fit the couple’s vision of a residence where they could live out their years nor did it allow one of their children to live nearby as they aged.

Still in the prime of their lives, the couple wanted an executive home to work in and enjoy with friends and family. They also wanted an option to allow them to live safely in their later years. They believed that having an accessible ADU in addition to the main residence would allow a back-up plan when mobility makes climbing the stairs in our executive home difficult. In addition, the ADU could provide their young adult son a place to live in while the couple is still active.
Choosing to do a home construction project is a big decision. Large or small, residential projects are an investment of time and money. Selecting the right builder brings visions to life and gives homeowners a positive experience.

“We cannot say enough about the Graham Builders’ design team. The step-by-step process that occurred over several meetings took us through the many construction details in a relaxed environment,” said the homeowner. “They helped us value engineer our project and make selections that met our goals while remaining reasonably in our budget.
With nearly three decades of designing and building homes for local families, Graham Builders recognizes the importance of designing homes that make elder care simple and safe. Building and renovating so grandma can live with the family can be tricky. Many homes are more than 50 years old and were not built to handle an aging population dependent on wheelchairs, walkers and oxygen tanks.

Graham Builders was the first firm in Hawaii to have a certified National Association of Home Builders Aging-in-Place specialist on staff. Over the years, Graham Builders has grown this number to three certified consultants who help homeowners make necessary mobility and safety changes to their residences.

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Photos by Hawkin Biggins Photography.

Project Details

DATE April 4, 2018


PROJECT TYPE Residential Build New
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

CONTRACTOR Graham Builders, Inc.

Project Gallery – Main Residence

Project Gallery – Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)