Home built in 1991 still relevant and beautiful

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Ageless design keeps home relevant after nearly two decades

In Hawaii, where homes are worth hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars, the family home is often one’s most valuable asset. While construction quality and durable finishes are important in maximizing the value of the property, the design of the project is equally important.

Graham Builders’ President, Evan Fujimoto collaborated with the original homeowner of this property 18 years ago. “Good design is achieved through one-to-one collaboration between the homeowner and designer. “Good designers will look beyond what the family needs now. They have the ability to visualize what the family will need for the next 50 years.

“This home was built for a professional and his young, growing family. They wanted a two-story home with a half-bath downstairs. We were able help them see the value of adding a low-step shower just in case one of the kids got hurt on the soccer field. Our design team understood the importance of “barrier-free” homes before the term became commonplace.

“Successful projects start with designs that are friendly to all ages and abilities,” continues Fujimoto. Often referred to as “Universal Design,” homes increase in value when they allow access to young and old, ambulatory or not. “Good plans are simple and straightforward. Open, flexible and easily altered spaces fit a wider audience.”

Material selection is another important design consideration. According to Fujimoto, trendy materials quickly become dated. Instead of chasing the newest fads, it is wiser to choose durable materials that require minimal maintenance and contribute to the agelessness of a home.

Graham Builders will help you design and build a home that will stand the test of time. Our team of professional architectural designers will present considerations that will maximize the “livability” of your new home. Give us a call today and schedule a free project evaluation. Let us help you design a home for life!

Project Details

DATE June 26, 2018


PROJECT TYPE Residential new build

CONTRACTOR Graham Builders, Inc.

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